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What Does it Mean if My Waiver of Life Insurance Premium Has Been Denied?

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Author: Attorney Gregory Dell

Insurance companies often deny Waiver of Life Insurance Premium requests caused by a disability due to the any occupation definition of disability. If your waiver of premium request has been denied is essential to take immediate action.

Disability attorneys Stephen Jessup and Gregory Dell have created a video in which they discuss Waiver of Life Insurance Premium benefits, what to do if your Waiver of Life Insurance Premium claim is denied, and how these claims and benefits relate to your claim for short or long term disability benefits. It is important to take action immediately as most insurance companies only give you thirty days from the date of denial to stat paying for your life insurance. You can get the money back if you win the appeal. Often Waiver of Life Insurance Premium claims are handled in a different part of the disability insurance company, separate from your short or long term disability claim. However, if you receive notice that your Waiver of Life Insurance Premium claim is being reviewed (which often happens if the definition of disability changes from “own occupation” to “any occupation”), this should set off a red flag for you that your disability claim is likely also being reviewed for a change in definition.

The disability policy and life insurance policy typically have different definitions of disability. However, if the Waiver of Life Insurance Premium department discovers information that can be used to determine you are no longer disabled and eligible for benefits, it is highly probable that the disability department will also be given this information to use to challenge or deny your disability claim. If your Waiver of Life Insurance Premium claim is denied, you must file an appeal under ERISA, if ERISA is applicable. However, you should continue to pay the premium yourself so that, if the denial if overturned on appeal, you will be able to keep the Life Insurance policy and the out-of-pocket payments will be returned to you. Please feel free to contact any of our disability attorneys for a free consultation to discuss your denial of a waiver of life insurance premium.

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My name is Jerry. I worked for a company called Eaton who is insured by Sedgwick my doctor recently removed me from work before my termination day by 6 day. They the company and Sedgwick promised if we sign a waiver of any kind of future suit they

would pay a severance. Now I am filling for state disabilty of witch they require and because of my claim they Sedgwick refuse to pay any severance payment untill I am permanently deemed by the state as disabled. And now it is a hassle dealing with Sedgwick, they told my mife they don’t care about my medical records, they only care about why my doctor removed me from employment. I have cronic emphysema and COPD and they don’t care about my medical records. My wife and I are at a loss of my income and in the begining stages of dealing with Sedgwick. I don’t know if I can have a legal claim because of the waver of whch they refuse to pay untill final termination. My plant was scheduled to close down. Lost in California Jerry.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


If you voluntarily signed any waiver or agreement with Sedgwick and your company forfeiting your rights to benefits under the policy then there may be very little that can be done. We would need to see a copy of what you signed in order to better determine if there is anything that can be done.

More than 20-years ago I viaticated a term life that was provided by my employer. I am disabled under SS rules and another disability ins. co. Periodically, the ins. co. of the sold policy sends requests for info. confirming my disability. This time they denied my waiver of premium because I am capable of “sendentary” employment. (Huh?) Since I sold the policy, and have no responsibility to make the payments, should I accept their denial and not worry about it? Should I make a good faith appeal first? I think, at very least, the ins. co. should contact the beneficiaries to let them decide if they want to start paying the premiums.

Thanks very much for your time.

Attorney Stephen Jessup:


I would contact the insurance company to get additional information. It would seem they did not seem to know you vacated the policy and there stands a chance you may not have. If that is the case it may be worth it to file an appeal of the denial.

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