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What Does SR22 Insurance Cover?

what does sr22 insurance cover

Reader’s Question:

My dad had a DUI last year and at that time he had full collision coverage but he was informed that he still needs to get sr-22 insurance since he did not have the bodily injury liability. I thought if you did not have the state required liability that’s the time you will need an sr-22 certificate? Is this correct?


Good Question Maya.

There’s a lot of reason in various states as to why a SR-22, certificate of financial responsibility may be required. One of the major reason is that the individual did not have the required insurance by the state but this is not the only reason.

Most states would require the financial responsibility certificate to get your license restored even if ,at the time of the accident, you have the required insurance. The reasons for this may be different in most cases but generally the state want to verify that the individual is being responsible now that their license has been returned. The SR-22 is one way to make sure

that proper coverage is obtained when the license is reinstated.

Your son may probably live in Florida from the information you gave. If he lives in Florida, normally Florida state requires auto insurance includes Personal Injury Protection coverage (of a minimum of $10,000) and for Property Damage Liability coverage limits (a minimum of $10,000).

It is noted however by the Florida Department of Financial Services that if an individual has had a motor vehicle accident the state Financial Responsibility Law also requires Bodily Injury Liability coverage ($10,000 one person, $20,000 one accident or $30,000 combined) to be bought.

Although the state HSMV does not necessarily require a motor vehicle owner to carry bodily injury insurance liability coverage (BIL) in place to be able to get motor vehicle registration, if you are involved in an accident in which the other person is injured, you have penalties for not having this coverage according to information given from the FLDFS.

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