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What does travel insurance cost

Traveling this summer? Four reasons to investigate travel insurance

If you’re traveling to another country this summer you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time researching transportation and hotels, currency exchange rates, and fun events and activities.

But how much time have you spent researching what your health insurance policy covers if you got sick or injured while you’re in a different country?

None? Don’t feel guilty. It’s more fun to research the best time to visit the statue of David in Florence, or where to eat when you visit Mont Saint-Michel in France. Who wants to plan for the worst when you’re planning for the best?

Travel insurance can offer you some piece of mind when you’re traveling and policies are surprisingly affordable.

Here are four important benefits provided by a travel insurance policy:

Translation Services: It’s hard to ask for directions to the closest bathroom when you don’t speak the language. Imagine trying to communicate with doctors and hospital administrators in another country. When you buy a travel insurance policy, you will be able to get help to bridge gaps in language and culture when it comes to obtaining needed care and assistance.

Long-Term Hospitalization: If an injury or illness overseas leaves you unable to fly home, a travel insurance policy can cover the cost of long-term

hospitalization and work with your health insurance company to make sure all of your costs are covered.

Up-Front Costs: A broken arm or leg when you’re traveling could cost you several thousand dollars. Without travel insurance  you may  have to pay cash for those services up front with the hope that your health insurance company will reimburse you when you get home. And if you have to wait for your health insurance company to reimburse you, it could put a serious dent in your ability to finance the rest of your vacation. Travel insurance policies will typically pay for your up-front costs, after you meet your deductible, and then negotiate reimbursement with your insurance company once you’re safely back home in the United States.

Family Extraction: Natural disasters and political unrest are as real as injuries and illnesses. If you’re unable to return to the U.S. for medical reasons, travel insurance can get your family home while you’re being treated. And if something unexpected happens that threatens your family’s security, travel insurance can help you get home safely.

We have tried to make it easy to compare travel insurance plan costs and benefits side-by-side at eHealthInsurance. Plans are inexpensive, and it’s worth a few minutes of online research to understand the kind of protection travel insurance offers you when you’re on the road.

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