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What does underwriting do

what does underwriting do

What is Underwriting?

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The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) allows companies to “underwrite” programs on noncommercial stations like WVUD, but it does not allow “advertising.” Underwriting is similar to advertising, but differs in a few very important areas.

The FCC forbids announcements that issue a call to action. This means that statements like stop in, shop here, call, call now, limited time only, etc. are not allowed. Underwriter announcements also may not contain qualitative words. Qualitative words such as largest selection, newest model, best in town, finest selection, and state of the art are prohibited. Finally, announcements may not mention or give reference to

prices. References such as free, sale, discount, clearance, reduced, going out of business sale, and liquidation, are also not permitted.

Underwriting announcements on WVUD are required to follow these FCC guidelines.

Our Enhanced Underwriting Announcements:

• identify but do not promote.

• do not call to action.

• use value neutral language.

• do not mention prices.

• are not sold in prearranged 30 or 60-second spots.

What We Can Do

Enhanced Underwriting Announcements on WVUD are generally recorded by WVUD’s production staff. Prerecorded underwriter announcements are not usually accepted. Announcements may include information which identifies but does not promote the underwriter including:

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