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What does uninsured motorist cover

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Uninsured motorist coverage pays for medical costs for injuries sustained to the policyholder, passengers of the vehicle and other drivers listed on the policy. The coverage pays up to the maximum amount of the policy limit of insurance purchased per person, per accident. Policyholders of uninsured motorist coverage are also covered if hit as a pedestrian.


Uninsured motorist coverage only pays the medical costs for the injuries of drivers and passengers involved in an accident. For a higher premium, a policyholder can obtain uninsured property damage insurance along with uninsured motorist coverage to pay for damages done to the vehicle by an uninsured driver.


Uninsured motorist coverage benefits people who do not have health insurance and require medical attention when involved in an accident with an uninsured driver. This coverage pays medical expenses according to the terms and limits in the policy.

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