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what does vodafone insurance cover

Vodafone / Staymobile Phone Insurance - Jokers

Hi All,

Just writing to advise against insuring your mobile phone with Vodafone Insurance. I had my iPhone 4S insured with them for over 17 months (costing me a total of EUR170) and when I made a claim it was rejected as I did not get the wording right when making my claim.

If you are making a claim with Vodafone insurance - tell them the phone was stolen - its about the only way they will insure you. There are so many loopholes its unbelievable. Also, I was told I could appeal the Vodafone rejection and I would receive a response within 10 working days - that was 27 days ago. I have come to expect nothing less from

Vodafone's customer service.

Also, I have been looking into insuring an iphone on household contents insurance and have been quoted with prices starting from EUR12 per annum. This is as opposed to EUR120 per annum with Vodafone Insurance - its a no brainer really. Also with Vodafone Insurance you have to pay them EUR30 to claim your first phone and EUR75 to claim your second. So what does the insurance cover? On household insurance you do not pay anything but the EUR12 per year.

The mobile phone market is so competitive right now so why are we all staying with a company that treats its customers so bad?

I have complained (again) today about the lack of reply to my appeal. Will keep you updated.

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