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Never by Insurance via Kemper Insurance as They Are Horrible With a Claim

By Becky734 - 09/13/2009

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- My son had a house fire on 7/3/09 which totally destroyed his home. He contacted Kemper and the adjuster told him it was the holiday weekend and he really couldn't do anything to help him until Monday. All credit, debit and bank access was burned. The adjuster came on Monday but did not bring a check book. Since the initial meeting they have done everything that is possible to not pay toward this claim. Even to hint that the fire was started by the homeowner/my son and daughter-in-law.

They were deposed on Friday 9/11/09 and after a horrible deposition which included an attorney calling my son a liar, they were told they now know how the fire started and they were not under suspicion. One of the questions that was asked that the attorney called my son a liar about was he was asked if he ever had an insurance claim. He answered no. The lie that was supposed to have been told was that he was in a

car accident at age 18 and was a passenger and was taken to a hospital and there was a claim submitted to my health care agency.

I can't believe they have the nerve to even investigate your health claim. What happened to HIPPAA. This had no relevance to this claim. My son also had the unfortunate hardship of having his company close a 3 years ago. He was unemployed for 1 year and had to declare bankruptcy. They are now financially solvent and they brought their bankruptcy into the deposition and are using it not to pay contents of the home.

NEVER EVER EVER buy a policy from Kemper or Unitrin. There should legislation to protect the consumer. How can you be a victim of a fire, pay for insurance and have the insurance company treat you in this manner. My son said the deposition was the worst thing he has ever been through. Before the company he worked for closed, he was a VP of the company. He is business wise and could not believe the maltreatment he was subjected to!

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