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What insurance companies cover chantix

what insurance companies cover chantix

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Apply for an assistance program with Pfizer. The makers of Chantix have programs available to help people who are uninsured or whose insurance does not cover certain medications. The link is listed below with more information.

Switch insurance carriers if possible during the open enrollment period at your place of employment. If another insurance carrier provides benefits to your company, look into its plan to see if it will cover Chantix. If it will, switch at the appropriate time of year.

Call your insurance company and ask if there is another smoking cessation medication that it will cover. If there is, call your doctor and ask if he recommends this medication. There may be a drug that is comparable to Chantix covered,

or you may need to use a different type of program to have it covered.

Ask your doctor if he has samples of Chantix or similar drugs available. Many times, pharmaceutical companies give doctors more free samples of their medications than the doctors can use, and these often expire and get thrown away. By requesting free samples, you may be able to obtain several weeks' worth of your medication for free.

Join a smoking cessation support group. If you cannot afford the medication and cannot get your insurance to cover any of it, a support group can still help you to make lifestyle changes to quit smoking. Even if you are able to get your medication, a support group can help you to be more successful at quitting smoking.

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