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Orthodontic Insurance

For Those Who Need Braces Insurance

Orthodontic insurance is very useful for those who need braces. A lot of people nowadays choose to seek orthodontic treatment because it takes care of several different oral problems.

Orthodontic dental insurance refers to insurance plans that offer coverage especially for orthodontic treatment.

This type of insurance can be used as a supplemental insurance in case a person needs braces but his existing dental insurance plan does not cover the said treatment.

Orthodontic treatment is extremely costly.

You will need a lot of money to cover the entire procedure. That’s why even though orthodontics is extremely useful as a dental procedure because it is the solution to a lot of dental problems, not everyone who needs it is able to receive the proper care.

There are a lot of dental plans that provide special orthodontic coverage nowadays. You only have to choose the plan that fits your needs best.

Here are two dental plans you can use for braces: one as standalone insurance plan and one as a full dental plan with orthodontic coverage.

Benefits and Different Types of Orthodontic Insurance

Things you should know about Orthodontic Insurance:

  • Overall benefits of Orthodontic plans
  • OrthoCare Orthodontic Discount Program
  • AmeriPlan Dental Plus

1. Overall benefits of orthodontic plans

Before you begin your search, chase way any doubts as to why you need coverage for orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic plans offer several benefits. Braces are really expensive, especially when several members of the family need it. A coverage can make them affordable. Your coverage can also give you assurance, peace of mind, and financial stability even if your need for braces incur many expenses. Remember, braces need follow up maintenance. Lots of it, in fact. So if you can afford the initial cost, the maintenance expense can drive your wallet to the ground. But orthodontic-focused dental plans help you afford all these without causing problems to your finances.

And if you have coverage, you will be more motivated to seek orthodontic care. As a result of the treatment, you will have better teeth and will gain more self-confidence. The benefits of orthodontic insurance really go beyond the financial perks.

2. OrthoCare Orthodontic Discount Program

OrthoCare Orthodontic Discount Program is one of the best dental plans that offer special orthodontic coverage. The plan offers very meaningful savings for those who need orthodontic treatment. The plan can cover treatment for both children and adults. You can avail of the plan quickly through its quick plan activation, with no need to worry about paperwork.

The discount program also comes with very affordable

rates. For individuals who want to avail of the plan, they can get it for only $84.95. This price is already good for an entire year. In fact, you even get three additional months for free if you manage to avail of special promotional offers. You can also avail of the plan for the entire family. Enrolling the entire family will cost you only $109.95 per year.

The OrthoCare Orthodontic Discount Program can entitle you to discounts of up to 15% or 20% on all orthodontic-related services including partial braces, full braces, and removable braces. This is a stand alone program, and the discounts can only be used when you go to an orthodontist who belongs to the OrthoCare network.

3. AmeriPlan Dental Plus

You can also avail of dental plans that offer comprehensive coverage for all your needs, including orthodontics. One example of this plan is the AmeriPlan Dental Plus plan, which offers the industry’s best coverage for dental braces. AmeriPlan Dental Plus plans allow you to save up to 80% on all your dental expenses including expenses for orthodontics. It can also cover all expenses for all members of your household so you can get great-looking teeth for the whole family.

The orthodontic insurance offered by AmeriPlan Dental Plus plan covers orthodontic coverage for both adults and children. You can avail of the benefits of the plan with no waiting period. Take note, however, that the plan only applies to orthodontic treatment that hasn’t begun at the time of the application to the plan. If the treatment has already begun, the braces will no longer be covered by the insurance.

This plan also requires you to go to dentists belonging to the AmeriPlan network, but don’t worry because the AmeriPlan network includes credible dentists and specialists.

Orthodontic Insurance as Supplemental Insurance

You can get orthodontic insurance as supplemental insurance if you do not have orthodontic coverage. A lot of dental plans these days are very flexible, so sometimes people choose to have only basic care to cover for their basic dental expenses. However, since orthodontic treatment is not basic, it is sometimes not accounted for.

This is especially true about dental insurance offered by employers. They usually are very limited, so they do not cover braces. Also, sometimes, braces are covered for employees only, but their kids are not included.

In these cases, they can get orthodontic plans as supplemental insurance. Various discount dental plans are available for those who need braces. These plans can give you braces at half-prices. You will definitely love flashing those perfectly aligned great-looking teeth and still have a lot of savings left after you get orthodontic insurance

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