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Choose a Dental Plan for Wisdom Teeth Removal

Selecting a dental insurance plan can alleviate some of the financial strains placed on individuals or families when necessary dental treatment arises. Procedures like wisdom teeth extraction cost more than typical dental treatment like fillings, so selecting the appropriate plan that fits your needs can make a positive financial impact on your wallet.

Depending on whether you need individual or family coverage, how much you want to spend on deductibles, and what type of treatment you anticipate needing, certain plans may be better for you than others.

Why Having Coverage Is Important

Many families do not have coverage and as a result they have to put off many essential treatments like routine dental exams, cleanings, fillings or removal of wisdom teeth. By putting of treatment, dental conditions progress to more severe stages, becoming more invasive and costly to correct.

Plan Overview

HMO- The insurance accepts responsibility for the fees. Enrollees pay a monthly fee and must choose a provider in the network.

PPO- The program and dentist agree on a discount fee plan. The patient can see providers out of the plan but will be financially responsible for the price difference.

DMO- Patient must see a provider in the network, and is responsible for a

portion of the fees.

When selecting your plan, determine whether or not your current care provider or the care provider that you plan on using accepts coverage from that plan. Some plans will allow an out of network provider to be reimbursed, but at a lower rate than a provider that is inside of the network. Your insurance plan should provide you with a list of providers in your area that accept your plan coverage. This can help you anticipate how much money you may or may not need to pay out of pocket for procedures like a wisdom teeth extraction.

Choosing A Discount Dental Plan

Family dental plans that are not insurance policies, but discount plans may be much more affordable than traditional private insurance coverage. Websites like offer family discount plans that start as low as $129.95 a year, and are a great alternative for families in need of dental coverage. Individual discount plans start at less than $80 a year. Discount plans help promote preventive dental care like routine cleanings, x-rays and exams so that treatment needs can be addressed while they are small and less costly. A discount plan can help patients in need of wisdom teeth extraction afford the treatment that they need.

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