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What is a basix certificate

what is a basix certificate

What is a BASIX Certificate

"BASIX Certificate" The Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) is a web-based planning tool designed to assess the potential performance of residential buildings against a range of sustainability indices.

A BASIX Certificate identifies the sustainability features required to be incorporated in the building design. These features may include sustainable design elements such as recycled water, rainwater tanks, AAA-rated showerheads and taps, native landscaping, heat pump or solar water heaters, gas space heaters, roof eaves/awnings and wall/ceiling insulation.

You need a BASIX Certificate in Cooma-Monaro Shire Council when BASIX applies to the type of development for which you require approval. Commencement dates and details of types of development are at Note: BASIX is not required for manufactured homes.

The applicant is required to submit the BASIX Certificate with the Development Application or Complying Development Certificate application. The plans and specifications must also identify the BASIX commitments which will be checked by a professional building certifier during construction. Where submitted plans or specifications are inconsistent with the relevant BASIX Certificate, Council should require applicants to submit consistent applications before progressing the assessment process, either by amending plans / specifications or by submitting a new BASIX Certificate with commitments that match the rest of the application.

Applicants can generate the BASIX Certificate only on the NSW Department of Planning' BASIX website: For more information, phone the BASIX Help Line on 1300 650 908.

Fee for the issue of a BASIX Certificate starts 1 July 2011

The Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 was amended recently to allow the charging of a fee for the issue of a BASIX Certificate. The fee generally ranges from $20 to $50 per dwelling and is being put in place to support the BASIX scheme. The fee will be introduced in two stages.

Payment of the fee is required from 1 July 2011 for BASIX Certificates issued for all new dwellings (new single houses, townhouses, apartments and residential flat buildings)

Payment of the fee is required from 1 August 2011 for BASIX Certificates

issued for Alterations and Additions (of construction value of $50,000 or more, and for pools of 40,000 litres or more).

How much will the fee be?

Fact Sheets outlining the applicable fee for various types of development, and a downloadable Excel fee calculator, are available from the BASIX website at

The Fact Sheets also explain how the fee will be used to improve the BASIX system and the benefits, including savings of up to $600 per year in water and energy bills, that BASIX has delivered for NSW households.

When will the fee need to be paid?

Payment of a fee for a BASIX certificate will be required prior to the generation of the certificate on the last page of the tool.

How can payment be made?

Payment may be made by;

  • credit card, using a secure online payment portal which allows immediate issue of a certificate,
  • cheque posted to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure (subject to a time interval for delivery and processing prior to release of a certificate).
  • cash paid direct to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure Information Centre (subject to processing prior to release of a certificate).

Can the tool still be accessed without paying?

Yes, online access to the BASIX website, helpnotes and use of the on-line assessment tool will remain free to the public. The only change will be that a certificate cannot be generated without payment. Generating a report will remain free of charge. The report will contain all the same information as a certificate, but cannot be lodged with the consent authority for approval.

What if I need to revise a certificate after it has been generated?

Revising an issued certificate will incur no additional charge. This is subject to the revised certificate relating to the same property and project as recorded on the original certificate, and the certificate being lodged, or valid to be lodged, with a Consent Authority as determined in the Regulations.

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