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What is a cap certification

what is a cap certification

Specialized Education in Philanthropy

The Summit of our Professions and an Asset to our Communities

Generally, those enrolled in CAP ® are highly successful advisors and fundraisers who are taking their already high-achieving career to another plane. Having learned earlier in their career to plan for client needs, or having learned how to raise significant funds, these advisors and gift planners take CAP ® to provide a higher level of service to their donor/clients, and to help advance philanthropy in their local communities. CAP ® s become members of a growing network of top planners who are working to make our towns and cities better places to live for generations to come.

Course Delivery that is Designed for You

Our self-study format lets you earn the CAP ® designation on your own time, on your own schedule. Your course tuition includes textbooks, recorded lectures, self-tests, a sample exam and readings. Each course concludes with a two-hour exam, administered at more than 4,000 exam centers around the country.

Program Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  1. The collaborative skills and advisory and gift planning roles required when larger gifts are planned
  2. Various advisory gift planning styles, and when each is appropriate given a set of client facts and goals
  3. The main charitable tools and how each can be applied to provide specific benefits to the donor, family, and nonprofit
  4. "Planning for impact," that is, planning for specific impact on an issue area in the light of a theory of social change or logic model
  5. How planned gifts and major gifts are traditionally cultivated, solicited, and stewarded within a nonprofit in the light of its mission, governance, and populations served
  6. The ethical, professional, humane and civic

    ideals that CAP® recipients are expected to espouse

What CAP ® Can Do for You

  • Put your ideals to work
  • Leverage your "heart" for giving by learning a process that subordinates estate planning and financial planning to meaning, purpose, and positive social impact
  • Acquire a seat at the planning table when clients or donors make their legacy plans and their ultimate gift
  • Become the sought-after trusted advisor of your community's highest capacity donors and clients
  • Serve as the "link" between the client's or donor's aspirations and their technical planning team

Who takes CAP ® ?

Over 500 professionals from many disciplines have taken CAP ®. The interdisciplinary diversity of our group is intentional. We are a growing network across the professions to help bring our respective “bodies of knowledge” into a practical synthesis for the benefit of those we serve. These professionals include:

  • Attorneys
  • CPAs
  • Development officers
  • Planned giving officers
  • Financial planners/wealth advisors
  • Insurance professionals
  • Philanthropic advisors in family offices
  • Philanthropic advisors working with wealthy families on strategic grant-making

Level of Courses

The program is offered at the graduate level, and is part of The American College’s Masters of Science in Financial Services program. (Any two CAP ® courses can be counted as electives towards the MSFS degree). However, the courses are carefully written so that those coming to the program from fundraising or grant-making backgrounds do not need any prior credentials or training in tax or finance. Instead, you will bring the skills and passion that add your unique contribution to the mix. For advisors, the courses provide an insight into the process of philanthropic planning, including but not limited to, tax, tools and techniques.

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