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Pet Insurance Plans

The Desjardins Pet Insurance Program offers 3 distinct insurance packages for your dog or cat; Bronze Paw, Silver Paw and Gold Paw. All have been designed with the best interest of your pet in mind.

Aging Deductibles

Pet Insurance Coverages

The Desjardins Pet Insurance Program provides you with coverage in the event that your dog or cat becomes ill or is injured. Discover the various types of coverage and packages that we offer.

Preventive Care Coverage

Pet Insurance Basics

A benefit to having pet insurance is that we are here for you if your pet is injured or becomes ill. Desjardins' specialized coverages reimburse your veterinary fees and related medical expenses. We offer 3 main types of coverage, which can be combined to fit your pet's needs:

  • Accident. Coverage for veterinary treatment for unexpected injuries.
  • Illness. Coverage to treat sickness, disease and any changes to your pet's normal healthy state.
  • Preventive. Includes vaccinations, tests and dental work.

ContinueCare Plan

The ContinueCare plan is included with all packages. even Bronze Paw. This is especially important if there's a chance your pet may develop a long-term or chronic illness. With ContinueCare, as long as you renew with us each year, we guarantee to provide coverage and benefits for any illness your insured dog or cat may develop.

Coverage amounts that refresh each year

Another advantage of The Desjardins Pet Insurance Program is that there's no lifetime limit to the amount of coverage we pay. If your dog or cat develops an ongoing condition or even multiple conditions, your coverage amount will be renewed every year for your dog's or cat's entire lifetime as long as you are insured.

Coverage per condition, not combined

Our Pet Insurance benefits are per condition or accident, not combined. For example, if your dog or cat has Bronze Paw coverage, you would receive up to $2,000 towards your veterinary fees for each illness or accident that occurs, each and every year. With Gold Paw. there are no limits on any accident or illness your pet develops throughout their lifetime.

Dental coverage

Healthy teeth and gums help prevent other medical conditions from occurring. Dental coverage for your dog or cat is included in our Silver and Gold Paw packages. Although dental isn't included in the Bronze package, there is an affordable option of adding it. You can see what the additional amount would be by simply selecting it as an option while you are doing your online quote.

Remember that no matter what level of dental coverage you add, the amount will be applied towards annual cleaning and treating any ongoing teeth/gum conditions your pet may have.

Revising your coverage

Always make sure that the new level of coverage you choose meets both your current and future financial needs. As with other types of insurance, changing your coverage

after a medical condition has already occurred will exclude or restrict the amount payable for that condition in the new policy. For example, if your pet has a condition and you upgrade from Bronze to Silver Paw, you may not be eligible for the full coverage limit of the new policy. You'll still be eligible for the full limits under the Silver Paw plan for any new conditions that may occur after you upgrade the plan. This process applies whether or not you have previously claimed for the pre-existing condition. Additionally, your vet will be required to disclose your dog’s or cat’s medical history and records on request.

Exclusions from coverage

Similar to most types of medical insurance coverage, if your pet has a pre-existing condition, it will likely be excluded from coverage. However, all other coverage is typically still available. Keep in mind that pets, like us, often suffer from multiple conditions as they age. So having coverage for them still makes good financial sense.

Desjardins Pet Insurance Program FAQs

No matter what level of coverage you've chosen – Bronze, Silver or Gold Paw – your plan covers veterinary fees due to accidents or illness. This includes x-rays, hospitalization, surgery, prescriptions, chemotherapy, MRI/CAT scans, and other diagnostic procedures.

You pay your monthly premiums. When you file a claim. you're also responsible for paying the co-insurance and your annual deductible. These will be subtracted from your claim reimbursement if applicable.

When you take your dog or cat for veterinary treatment, pay the full amount of your bill at the clinic, have your vet’s office sign the form, and then submit the completed claim form to us along with your receipts. You’ll be reimbursed for 80% of the costs of veterinary treatment (20% is the co-insurance portion).

Your annual deductible will be subtracted from your payment until the specified deductible amount has been satisfied.

With our ContinueCare Plan, your dog or cat is covered for as long as you maintain uninterrupted pet insurance coverage. Every level of our coverage. from Bronze Paw to Gold Paw, provides renewable limits for all accidents and illness during the lifetime of your pet.

Your "co-insurance" is the portion of the pet insurance claim that you, the policyholder, must pay. With the Desjardins Pet Insurance Program, we pay 80% of your veterinary fees, and you are responsible for the remaining 20%.

The deductible is a fixed amount which you are responsible for. This amount is deducted from your claim after co-insurance has been applied. With our coverage, you only have to pay one annual deductible, no matter how many insurance claims you have throughout the year. You are not required to pay the annual deductible in years that you do not claim.

The co-insurance is applied first and then the deductible. The following example will show you how your claim payout is calculated. Suppose you submit a claim in the amount of $1,000:

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