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What is a certificate of participation

Get a certificate as proof of your self-education

Do you want proof that you’re learning about management and leadership topics? Would you like to show off your involvement in modern management and leadership events?

Get a Certificate of Participation!

Every attendee of an official Management 3.0 event can get a colorful Certificate of Participation from us in PDF format. Some people find this useful as proof of their investment in self-education when they apply for a new job. It also looks

good on every wall in any color.

The Certificate of Participation is offered for every type of event. It doesn’t matter whether it is a two-day class. a one-day workshop. or any other type of Management 3.0 event. If the facilitator of the event is officially licensed, he or she can generate certificates for anything they organize with our official materials.

How to Get Your Certificate

Your Management 3.0 facilitator can generate the certificate for you. if you ask nicely.

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