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How do i see a doctor without insurance

how do i see a doctor without insurance

How do I get medication without insurance?

The medication itself isn't too terribly expensive. it's just seeing doctors without insurance. Just seeing a psychiatrist is going to cost me anywhere from 5-10% of my estimated yearly income. And I have to see at least one other specialist for physical problems. So as it stands, it's unreasonably unaffordable to stay on medications (especially psychiatric ones). The problem is, I've tried to go off of them before, more than once and haven't done well without them. So I don't know what I'm going to do.

And to be able to afford insurance, I'd have to spend at least half of my yearly income—and that's if I have jobs that pay decently. Employers are going to stop offering insurance in a year or two, so I'd have to

pay for it out of pocket and it will be unaffordable for anyone other than the upper class.

I know I'm lucky to have insurance right now, but I think it's going to get even worse for people who can't afford insurance. since we'll all have to pay fines for not being able afford insurance that costs at least half our yearly salary.

Do I just start going off medication now and learn how to survive without any medical (or maybe even dental) care whatsoever?

Does anybody know if medicare or medicaid will still exist in a couple years? And what do I do if I need to go to the ER? Just be in debt the rest of my life?


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