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What is a certified birth certificate

what is a certified birth certificate

VitalChek is America’s number one source for the remote ordering of birth certificates and other vital records. VitalChek directly links Americans with the state, county or city vital record agencies which house their personal vital records, and provides this service in all 50 states. VitalChek's remote ordering service is especially convenient for people who have moved from their place of birth, and are unable to personally visit their local vital records agency.

To get a birth certificate through the state, you must first locate the vital records agency closest to where you were born. You then have the option of applying in person or sending your request in writing with the appropriate payment and application information.



Through this web site, you can easily place a direct order with VitalChek Express Certificate Service, a LexisNexis® company. VitalChek is America's leading birth certificate expediting service, providing a trusted direct-to-government process to help ensure you receive a certified copy of your US birth certificate quickly and easily. VitalChek emphasizes security and safety in every aspect of the ordering process. Helping keep customers’ personal information personal is one of the foremost goals of VitalChek. As such, throughout the ordering process, you will see entitlement safeguards, applicant authentication and advanced customer verification solutions at work to protect your identity and ensure only those entitled to a document receive it. is a consumer information site owned and operated by VitalChek Express Certificate Service.

Using VitalChek to order your birth certificate remotely can save you both time and the hassle of dealing with multiple government offices on your own. VitalChek processes thousands of documents daily and their experience working with local, state and federal governments allow them to reliably, conveniently and quickly get your certified birth certificate copies to you.

VitalChek can help you get your certified birth certificate with just a few easy steps:

  1. Order Online: Provide necessary ordering information including specifics about birth and billing/shipping address.
  2. Identity Verification: To protect your identity, many vital record agencies may require that you answer a few questions to verify your identity online before processing your order. Other agencies may require additional faxed/mailed information in addition to placing your online order. In some instances, you may need to download and print certain documents to complete the process.
  3. Receive Birth Certificate: Wait to receive your birth certificate via the shipping method you selected.




ordering a certified birth certificate online, you can forget about having to research and find the correct forms or going to wait in lengthy processing lines. VitalChek will guide you through the process of ordering your birth certificate online, and provide you with convenient and fast service, order tracking, and access to a team of specialists for personalized service.

    Secure and convenient ordering methods

VitalChek's time-tested process ensures that ordering is as smooth as possible for customers. The process takes the stress of obtaining a certified birth certificate copy away by clearly stating all the steps needed to ensure success in receiving your documents. VitalChek provides you with updated information and simple step-by-step directions to make sure your documents are correct so you can receive them on time.

Order tracking and status

By using VitalChek, you are able to track the status of your order during all steps of the process. Order tracking provides you the comfort of knowing that your sensitive information is being handled safely.

Personalized service and up-to-date information & requirements

To help ensure you receive the document which you requested, our Web site is frequently updated with the latest information and requirements in accordance with the most recent government regulations. VitalChek's professional team of specialists are available to assist you with online assistance and personal service as necessary.


Most states issue two types of certified birth certificate copies, a computer- printed duplicate or a photocopy of the original record. Both formats are typically suitable for purposes such as obtaining a driver's license or a passport, or age verification for youth sports. The certified photocopy will be a reproduction of the original certificate printed on security paper. Unless you specify otherwise, most states will process and send you a computer-printed extract.

The information required to request certified birth certificate copies will vary by vital records agency, and is designed to help protect your identity. Some agencies may require online identity authentication, while others may require written authorization forms or copies of identification documents such as a valid driver’s license to complete the process.

A certified copy of your birth certificate is necessary for a variety of things including passports, driver's licenses and youth sports. If you no longer have a copy of your birth certificate or have lost your birth certificate, we can help you to quickly and easily obtain a new certified copy of your birth certificate. A certified birth certificate must be sent with your application for a New, Minor, or Lost/Stolen US Passport - instead of sending your original certificate, order a certified copy here.

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