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How do i sell insurance

how do i sell insurance

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Get Your Certification

Research the programs in your state that can help you get certified to sell insurance. You may be able to just buy a study guide to prepare for your certification test. Contact your state insurance office to find out when the next insurance certification test is being administered and what you will need to pay.

Study thoroughly for your state's insurance exam to assure that you will not have to retake the exam again.

Pass your insurance test, get your certification paperwork, and start looking for a company that will allow you to sell business insurance on their behalf.

Set Up Your Office

Decide where you want to set up shop to sell business insurance. You can either set up a home office, sell from your company's office, or set up your own office if you

will be working as an independent dealer.

Purchase all of the supplies you need to sell business insurance, including office equipment, fax machines, printers, phones, and advertising materials.

Set up your phone service, voice mail and email. Establish your presence in that area as a business insurance salesperson by putting up signage and fliers in your local library, post office and supermarket.

Decide on Sales and Marketing Strategies

Buy professional business cards clearly printed with your name and direct phone number.

Invest in additional courses to learn how to gain a competitive advantage over other business insurance salespeople.

Regularly attend networking events that are full of business people.

Set up a website to advertise your business services and hire an SEO content writer to build your site up with relevant content for the small and medium business owners in your area.

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