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What is a chained certificate

what is a chained certificate

How can I create a chained certificate using self signed chains of certificate

I am trying to convert my rails application to work as https://. For testing purpose I created a self signed certificate using openssl. I am using nginx as web server. Then I configured the nginx using this certificate.

But while taking the application it shows https:// before the address but showing a result as This webpage has a redirect loop, This webpage has resulted too many redirects in chrome and another browsers are also showing redirect issues.

After too many research I found a clue like need to use chained certificate to fix this problem. Then I tried to create chains of certificate. The way I used is explaining below.

The I copied the ca.pem to

and ca.key to

Then edited the openssl.conf as per needs and created two new directories CA and newcerts inside /etc/ssl .

and provide new serial and database file by running the following commands.

Then I created a client certificate by running the following commands.

This certificate is depends on ca.pem

Then I created a 3rd cerificate from the second cerificate means client.cer and that not depends on ca.pem using the following command.

and changed the openssl.conf option

Now I have a certificate chain like

ca.pem -> client.pem -> client1.pem

How can I bundle these three certificates to create a chained certificate properly. I tried in my own way but it shows the same error.

Can anyone please help to solve the issue, Past one week am working on the problem.

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