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What is a charge certificate

what is a charge certificate

A charge certificate is issued on an unpaid parking ticket by a local authority when all stages of appealing it have either expired or been exhausted with the fine still outstanding. A surcharge of 50% is usually added to the outstanding fine by the charge certificate and if it is not paid, usually within 14 days, a formal request to the County Court - in this case the Northampton Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC) to recover the fine and all associated surcharges as a civil debt will be made

Councils are not obliged to answer any appeal sent in response to a charge certificate since a formal period of appeal would always precede and predate its issue.

A charge certificate is authorised by Section 21 of The Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) General Regulations 2007. It can be issued 28 days after the

following dates if the parking fine remains unpaid under the following circumstances

· Where no representations or a formal response to a Notice to Owner have been received by the issuing council within 28 days from the date the Notice to Owner was generated

· If representations were made against a Notice to Owner but were rejected via a Notice of Rejection, 28 days after the date of the Notice of rejection if no appeal is made to the independent adjudicator

· Where an adjudicator has refused an appeal; 28 days from the date this decision was communicated to the appellant if the fine remains unpaid

· Where an adjudicator has recommended, not instructed, that a local authority cancel a ticket but the local authority rejects this advice; 28 days from the date this decision is communicated to the registered keeper.

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