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what is a cpd certificate

Many LSE events are certified for CPD purposes by The CPD Certification Service |. Delegates should refer to individual event web listings for further information.

What is CPD?

CPD or Continuous Personal/Professional Development is the term given to the continuation of learning through knowledge enhancement and is a mandatory or recommended requirement for many professions.

Who is it for?

Anyone can undertake CPD.

Individuals, who are members of professional institutes and bodies, undertake formal CPD as a requirement of membership. Many employing organisations also have CPD schemes in place for their employees. Many professionals and employees are required to fulfil an annual CPD target, which is usually stipulated as a minimum number of hours.

It is a misconception that CPD is exclusive to 'professionals'. Engaging and participating in CPD is open to any individual, regardless of their educational level or employment status. Therefore you do not have to be a university graduate or postgraduate to undertake CPD.

Overall, CPD provides an opportunity for any individual to maintain or develop their skill and knowledge sets. This might be targeted at a specific area of expertise or a particular skill, e.g. technical skills. Anecdotal evidence suggests that regular undertaking of CPD can improve general employment prospects, and many organisations and professional

bodies recognise that CPD is hugely beneficial to individuals working within their sector who do not have university or professional qualifications.

Individuals should evaluate and then record the learning benefit achieved by undertaking or participating in any given CPD activity in line with the CPD policy of their professional body or employer organisation. The general 'rule of thumb' is that 1 hour of CPD is equal to 1 point, credit, unit, learning benefit or merit. Individuals should ensure that they are recording their CPD correctly.

Certificate of attendance

Self-Assessment Record forms will be made available for delegates wishing to record further learning and knowledge enhancement for Continuing Personal and Professional Development (CPD) purposes. For delegates who wish to obtain a CPD Certificate of Attendance, it is the responsibility of delegates to register their details with a LSE steward at the end of the event and as of 1 September 2014 a certificate will be sent within 28 days of the date of the event attended by the CPD Certification Service |. If a delegate fails to register their details at the event, it will not prove possible to issue a certificate. (For queries relating to CPD Certificates of attendance after a request please phone 0208 840 4383 or email | ).

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