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What Is CPR Teacher Certification?

what is a cpr certificate

You can earn CPR instructor certification through the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association. Learn about the certification process for each or these organizations. Schools offering Early Childhood Education degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Steps Should I Take to Become a CPR Instructor?

You have a few options to consider if you're interested in becoming a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) instructor. Two organizations that offer instructor certification are the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association (AHA). Depending on what organization you choose to go through, you're likely to follow some of the same steps:

  • First, you'll need to be CPR certified. This step is important for understanding the CPR training programming. Many colleges and community organizations provide CPR certification programs.
  • Second, you'll take the organizations' instructor principles course.
  • Third, you'll take a discipline training course in life support.
  • Fourth, you'll need to be monitored as an instructor.
  • Recertification is required and both organizations offer recertification courses or information.

What Will the American Red Cross Teach Me?

You'll need to take two courses with the American Red Cross Organization; the fundamentals of instructor training (FIT) and the standard adult, child and infant CPR training. The FIT certificate program teaches you the American Red Cross policies and procedures for working in emergency situations. You'll also learn the history of the Red Cross and how to teach various types of people different specialty courses.

The CPR training consists of teaching others how to recognize emergency situations, how to take charge, how to recognize the symptoms of different illnesses and poisonings and the role of

CPR. You'll also learn the difference between implied consent and consent, as well as learning about STD transmission and how to handle an unconscious person.

In order to become a CPR instructor, you must be at least 17 years old. The American Red Cross website provides links for instructors to manage classes, seek additional programs and print certificates of completion to students. There is also an instructor's corner where you can ask questions or talk with other instructors in a forum.

What Will I Learn from The American Heart Association?

The AHA requires two main courses to become an instructor; the core instructor course (CIC) and a basic life support (BLS) course. The CIC course can be taken online, through a CD-ROM or in an in-person course. This program's purpose is to enhance instructing techniques. Through 20 modules you'll learn how to plan instruction and evaluation methods.

The BLS course is also offered online through the AHA. This program focuses on training individuals how to work with choking victims, how to use defibrillators and CPR. You're also recommended to sit for the pediatric advanced life saving course (PALS) and the advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) the latter of which trains you how to handle heart attack victims.

After you've completed both courses, you'll need to have a mentor come out to monitor you while you teach the courses. The AHA also has an instructor network website. This website allows you to discover facts, common questions, communications and teaching tools.

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