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Scope of Data Analysis Certificate Programs

Data analysis certificate programs are offered by many schools and colleges, both basic and advanced. The advanced certificate of data analysis builds on the previous data analysis skills of students to teach them about specific techniques like data mining, survey design, applying data analysis results to businesses, etc. Many schools offer executive level, short-duration workshops for working professionals that lead to a certificate of data analysis.

The curriculum of a basic certificate in data analysis program usually includes the following courses:

  • Introduction to Applied Statistics and Probability
  • Regression Analysis
  • Statistical Softwares
  • Experimental Design

Who Should Apply?

People aiming for

a certificate in data analysis should have a solid foundation in mathematics as statistics and data analysis is all about number crunching. Moreover, they should have an innate skill to look at the big picture while keeping in view the large dataset of numbers. They should also be comfortable around computers as most of the data analysis in the current times is done using statistical softwares.

Career Prospects

Statisticians and data analysts are not only required in financial organizations and businesses but they are hired by universities, hospitals, law firms and other type of organizations for conducting research. Moreover, existing social workers, marketing professionals, business executives, etc. can enhance and improve their work productivity through a certificate in data analysis.

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