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What is a dawia certification

what is a dawia certification

Learn how the government administers contracts during week of Sept. 14

The Contracting Education Academy at Georgia Tech is just days away from kicking off a week-long course that comprehensively covers the federal contract administration process.  

The course — Contract Administration in the FAR — begins Monday, Sept. 14 and concludes Friday, Sept. 18, 2015.  Registration details may be found at: .

    • Government contracting officials  will learn not only the rules but the best practices in contract administration. And, this course satisfies required FAC-C and DAWIA certification programs.
    • Business people. including those to aspire to become federal contractors, will learn how to use the power of being an incumbent to win future contracts as well as how to protect contractual interests.

You will learn:

      • The fundamental concepts of government contract administration.
      • The rights of the parties when contract performance is not timely.
      • Both the government’s and the contractor’s rights when contract performance comes into question.
      • The policies and procedures for preparing and processing contract modifications.
      • How to

        apply the requirements of applicable contract clauses in various contracting scenarios.

      • The applicable payment clauses and invoicing procedures.
      • The policies and procedures for filing and processing contract disputes and appeals.
      • The policies and procedures pertaining to the complete or partial termination of contracts for the convenience of the government or for default.
      • All pertinent parts of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).
      • Contract administration basics
      • Contract modifications
      • Administration of selected terms and conditions
      • Delays
      • Quality assurance
      • Payment and cost allowability
      • Disputes and appeals
      • Terminations
      • Closeout

The Contracting Education Academy at Georgia Tech (The Academy)  is an approved equivalency training provider to the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) and the Federal Acquisition Institute (FAI).  Our courses satisfy both the FAC-C and the DAWIA certification programs.  The coursework also provides students the opportunity to earn continuing education unit credits (CEUs) for acquisition and government contracting professionals as well as business professionals working for the government or pursuing opportunities in the federal contracting arena.

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