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What is a domicile certificate

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Why Is It Necessary?

As a retirement capital, many people who live in Florida also maintain residences in other states. Additionally, Florida residency affords its residents many benefits. Florida does not have an income tax and it has a generous homestead exemption from creditors. The public learned this when O.J. Simpson was able to keep his home in Florida despite being ordered to pay $62 million in a 1995 civil suit in connection with Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman's deaths, according to an article in "The Atlantic."

How to File

In accordance with Section 227.17 of the Florida Statutes, you will need to fill out a declaration of domicile. This document must be signed under oath before an official who is authorized to take affidavits. The declaration is then filed with the clerk of the local circuit court of the county in which you reside.

Effects of Filing

Upon filing a domicile certificate in Florida, you will becomes a bona fide resident of Florida and will be afforded all of the benefits associated with that residency. The declaration remains in effect until you move to another state.



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