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What is a fire certificate

what is a fire certificate

Fire Certificate  is required under the Fire Precautions Act 1971 for hotels, boarding houses, factories, offices, shops and railway premises.

All premises must comply with the Fire Regulations  but some premises, in addition, need a Fire Certificate. In addition to the risk assessment for your workplace, the Fire Certificate sets out precautionary arrangements for the building.

Once a fire certificate has been issued it remains in force and passes to any new owners of the building.

All premises should have a fire certificate (or should have applied for one) if:

  • The building is used as a hotel or boarding house  which sleeps more than 6 people  (guests or staff)
  • A factory, office, shop or railway premises

    where more than 20 people work  at any one time, or more than 10 people work above or below ground floor level.

  • A factory where explosive or highly flammable materials  are used or stored.

In buildings which are multi-occupied  containing two or more units a Fire Certificate must be applied for where the numbers employed exceed the above totals.

If you are unsure whether the building has been issued with a Fire Certificate contact your local Fire Officer.

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