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What is a free sale certificate

what is a free sale certificate

New Jersey Certificate Of Free Sale Project and Imports/Exports

The Project regularly assists firms who sell domestically produced food, drug, cosmetic, and medical device products internationally.В Through label review and routine inspections, the Food and Drug Safety Program evaluates firms and their products for compliance to applicable State and Federal laws.В In some cases, the Project has prevented inferior products from being marketed both domestically and internationally.В

A Certificate of Free Sale is defined as a certificate completed and issued by the Department of Health (DOH) attesting that a specific food, drug, cosmetic or medical device product regulated under Title 24 of the New Jersey Statutes and manufactured, distributed, and offered for sale in this State is labeled in conformance with the applicable food, drug, cosmetic or medical device laws. Furthermore,

the Certificate of Free Sale attests to the results of the most recently conducted sanitary inspection of the manufacturer or distributor of the product.

Certificates of Free Sale are required by many foreign countries in order to receive food, cosmetic, and drug imports. The certificates certify that a company is in substantial compliance with the State and Federal standards and are equivalent to products marketed domestically in the United States. The Department of Health (DOH) has been processing Certificates of Free Sale for approximately three decades in order to meet the requests of exporters of food, cosmetics, and drugs. The number of applications for Certificates of Free Sale requests has dramatically increased.В In the last four years, approximately 3,000 requests have been processed annually with most applications containing numerous products.

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