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What is a GIA Certificate

what is a gia certificate

What is a GIA Certificate ?

If you have purchased a diamond engagement ring, the chances are you will already be familiar with the term GIA certificate. This document is produced by the Gemological Institute of America and is used by many jewellery insurance companies to substantiate the type of stone used in a ring.

Who is the Gemological Institute of America?

The Gemological Institute of America or GIA for short is a non-profit institute dedicated to research and education in the field of gemology and the jewellery arts. GIA certificates provide detailed information relating to the type of gemstone purchased and are very useful to insurance companies when endeavouring to replace a stone following an insurance claim.

Why obtain a GIA certificate

Basically, all diamond experts and jewellers know what a “GIA certificate” is. What you are obtaining is consistency and an internationally recognised certificate. Many other organisations can produce a report on a gemstone for you  but results may vary from appraiser to appraiser. In our opinion, when it comes to a special treasured item, you’ll want a report from a recognised body.

How to obtain a certificate?

It should be remembered that a GIA certificate is not proof of value of a gemstone.  The report focuses on the clarity and characteristics of the diamond, with several different features mentioned. (The four “Cs”  carat, color, clarity and cut)   A reputable dealer will be able to assist you with obtaining a report as the diamond will have to be submitted for appraisal. Many new diamond engagement

rings come  with a certificate already completed; however it is possible to submit any diamond for testing although it may be necessary to detach the diamond from the ring to obtain an accurate appraisal. Although, no valuation is provided for insurance purposes, the certificate can greatly assist an insurance company when an item has to be replaced.

What will my certificate detail?

The GIA certificated will be laid out in to various sections and will not mention you by name as the certificate can travel with the diamond from owner to owner if the item is ever sold. The certificate will come with a unique serial number and this is your guarantee that any diamond you purchase has been accurately described. Simply visit  the GIA Website    enter  your unique serial number and  a copy of the report will appear online enabling your to check the details.

The report will mention the cutting style  of the diamond and the shape accompanied by it’s dimensions. The grading results will be listed which details:

  • The carat weight
  • The clarity
  • The colour grade

Additional grading information is also provided detailing

  • The Polish
  • Symmetry
  • Fluorescence

A diagram will be shown  which will detail any internal characteristics of the diamond ( inclusions such as crystals clouds and feathers) as well as the GIA colour and clarity scales and a guide to their interpretations.

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