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Certificate of Good Standing

what is a good standing certificate

Corporations and other organizations often need proof that they are in good standing with the Commonwealth, i.e. that all tax liabilities have been met in order to obtain financing, sell their business, renew licenses or enter into other business transactions.

The fastest and easiest way to obtain a Certificate is via our online application. Both taxpayers and authorized practitioners can use this program to obtain a Certificate within a few days. Before beginning this process, make sure that key authenticating data is readily available, including the entity's id number, a list of tax types filed with DOR and the dates when the entity was first required to collect and submit these taxes.

Once the applicant has been authenticated, a search will be made of our databases to identify any returns that need to be filed or bills that remain unpaid. Since this process takes up to 48 hours, users will be given an application number and asked to come back to the program in a couple of days. At that time, fully

compliant taxpayers will be able to print a Certificate or request that it be mailed to the address of record. If bills are identified, an opportunity will be given to pay the amount owed via EFW. A Certificate will then be issued. Taxpayers with nonfiled Trustee tax returns (Sales, Meals, Withholding, Room Occupancy), can file and pay within the application and obtain their Certificate. Taxpayers with nonfiled Income and Corporate returns will be given instructions on how to file on paper and obtain a Certificate.

Taxpayers responsible for certain taxes such as Alcoholic Beverage Excise, Cigarette Excise, Sales Tax on Boats, International Fuels Tax Agreement, Smokeless Tobacco or Ferry Embarkation will need to file a paper application. This form   can be printed from this site. Paper applications can take 4 to 6 weeks.

Paper applications are also required in order to obtain a Waiver of Corporate Tax lien.

Dissolutions: Corporations have not been required to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing prior to a voluntary dissolution since March 1992.

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