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Cancer Headwear. is a British designer of hats and scarves for chemotherapy hair loss. We have been designing headwear for cancer patients since 2006 using British seamstresses to make each hat and scarf.

All of our headscarves were designed by us. The tails of our headscarf are part of the scarf and they tie easily, requiring no lessons. The headscarves hold securely, providing a stylish drape that can be worn at the back or side. We designed the Capri Head Scarf to fit all headsizes. Many of our headscarves are in gorgeous Liberty prints. We have four suggested chemo headscarves for summer. All of these head scarves are in soft cotton jersey. Capri Pink Headscarf CLP3 is

a soft pink Liberty print with tulip theme. Capri Blue Headscarf CLB8 is a small floral Liberty print. Capri Multicoloured Headscarf CLB4 is a striking Liberty print with maroon and green floral design.

Our Kelly Baker Boy Hat has a soft peak and is elasticated at the back, within the band, to hold securely. We have a selection of hats made by us and designed by Beaconsfield High School students. All of our headwear is designed to fully cover the hair line.

Sorry but the online shop is closed for holidays. During this time, we have items available on .

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