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How to Become a Medical Underwriter: Career Guide

what is a medical underwriter

Research the requirements to become a medical underwriter. Learn about the job description and duties and read the step-by-step process to start a career as a medical underwriter.

Should I Become A Medical Underwriter?

Career Requirements

Step 1: Graduate from a Bachelor's Degree Program

Specific degrees are not required but bachelor's degree programs in insurance and risk management are offered through the business divisions of many colleges and universities. These programs, which commonly require four years to complete, include classes in life and health insurance, value analysis, managed care, risk management theory, insurance operations and business statistics.

Success Tip:

  • Participate in an internship. Students in risk management and insurance bachelor's degree

    programs may be able to participate in internships. Interns may learn about the common tasks insurance underwriters perform, which can help them when they begin to work after graduation. Interns may also network with the companies with which they intern, which may make finding employment after graduation easier.

Step 2: Begin Working as a Medical Underwriter

Working in the field of medical underwriting normally does not require experience, meaning that individuals can begin working as medical underwriters for many companies immediately after graduation. A medical underwriter may review insurance documents, calculate premium payments and determine whether an individual should receive an offer for health insurance.

Step 3: Advance Your Career With Industry Certifications

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