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What is a mga insurance

what is a mga insurance

We're What You Expect. An "Ideal" MGA To Be!

Are you an Independent Personal Producer with Financial Experience who’s searching for an opportunity to conduct your business in a professional atmosphere with outstanding compensation & support?

What is an MGA ?

MGA stands for Managing General Agency. the preferred distribution system for most companies today.

A Managing General Agency provides insurance brokers with the opportunity to be out and about promoting their business instead of having the administration hassle and paperwork associated with following up cases that have already been submitted. We do all of that for you! We will take your applications and process them from beginning to end. If you desire, we will order all the necessary underwriting requirements and will also provide you with a report weekly on the status of your applications. The end result … faster issue and quicker compensation. We handle all the details freeing up your valuable time to do what you do best … being in front of your clients and prospects. It is an easier way for you to do business.

Who is Platinum Pacific Financial Services Ltd.?

We are a dynamic, experienced, organization rapidly becoming the MGA of choice for producers in British Columbia, due to the exceptional service we provide. We believe that it is our responsibility

to always provide our valued producers with quality companies and products to choose from … excellent compensation … and exceptional service. The end result of our primary focus to provide value added benefit … is ultimate satisfaction!

Platinum Pacific was founded by Dale Manson; CFP; CLU; CHFC; CSA. Dale’s background in the financial services industry spans over a 28 year period. His knowledge & experience was gained from being in the field as an agent, then as the Branch Manager for 15 years of the Standard Life Branch Office in Kelowna. During his years of service in the industry, Dale has made many contacts and developed important business relationships with many companies and the key people who work for them. As a result of our strong relationships, we know where to go and who we need to talk with, to help you and your valued customers with business.

We continuously provide our brokers with updates, product information, Advanced Case Consultants, access to estate planning professionals, case consultations, quotations, market surveys on products and ongoing training seminars, which provide education credits for licensing compliance. Do yourself a favor and call us today!

Licensed Mutual Fund Representatives are invited to explore the excellent

opportunities with our Mutual Funds Dealer

Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.

(a 100% owned subsidiary of Desjardin)

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