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What is a “Named Insured” in an Insurance Policy?

A named insured is any individual or company, or any of its members referenced by name as an insured(s) in an insurance policy.

Jose buys car insurance.  Jose receives his insurance policy a few days later in the mail.  Jose will be listed as the named insured on the auto policy.

Walmart buys business liability insurance for its stores.  Walmart will be listed as the named insured on the business liability insurance policy.

A named insured is different from others that, although unnamed, fall within the insurance policy definition of an “insured.”

Jose buys auto insurance for his car. Jose will be listed as the named insured on the auto policy.  Michael borrows Jose’s car. Michael’s negligence causes an accident and he injures another. Michael is not named in Jose’s insurance policy.  Jose, the named insured, is different from Michael who, although unnamed in Jose’s insurance

policy, may fall within the insurance policy definition of an “insured.”  Thus, Michael may be an “insured” under Jose’s policy.

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