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The Notarial Certificate

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What is a Notarial Certificate and why is it important?

It is a necessary component to a Notarial Act.

The Notarial Certificate is the attestation of the Notarys Act that has been performed. This attestation is prima facia evidence in a court of law.

Our Wisconsin Notary Brochure dictates:

Statute 706.07(7) Certificate of Notarial Acts

(a)A Notarial Act must be evidenced by a certificate signed and dated by a Notarial Officer. A certificate of a Notarial Act is sufficient if it meets these requirements: 1. Identification of the jurisdiction in which the Notarial Act is performed(the venue) 2. Title of the office of the Notarial Officer 3. May include the official stamp or seal of office 4. If the officer is a Notary Public the certificate must also indicate the

date of expiration 5. Sets forth the actions of the Notarial Officer and these are sufficient to meet the requirements of the designated Notarial Act

My Notes: To merely put your seal and signature on a document as evidence of a Notarial Act is not proper or professional procedure for a Notary Act. The official act of the Notarization should be evidenced within the Notarial Certificate and is equally important as signing and stamping the document that requires the Notarization.

If you are a Notary for the State of Wisconsin and have questions on Notarial Procedure, please call our Secretary of States office. They are very helpful and want all Notaries from the State of Wisconsin to perform their position as an Officer of the State correctly.

By Lisa Kimmel Services for Real Estate Pros with Central Wisconsin Notary

Posted on April 01, 2008 10:01 AM

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