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Professional Development: Consciousness, Spirituality  and Transpersonal Psychology

Some people may find it challenging to commit to multiple years of post-graduate study while also being employed and juggling a family and life! In order to accommodate the busy schedules of many professionals, ITA Professional offers Post Graduate Certificate Programmes (PG Cert) requiring only 60 credits and which can be completed in a single year of study. A complete list of all course options in the PG Certificate Programme can be found on the course modules  page.

PG Certificate Programme Summary

  • The PG Certificate Programme is completed in one year of study with a minimum of 60 credits .
  • Students on the PG Certificate Programme choose to become immersed in one central topic, focusing on the module ‘Consciousness & Spirituality ’ (40 credits) or ‘Transpersonal Psychology ’ (40 credits). Students also choose 2 specialist options  as part of this major module from the following list:
    • Transpersonal Perspectives on Therapy
    • Transpersonal Ecology
    • Meditation and Mindfulness
    • Creativity and Transformation
    • Kabbalistic Psychology
    • Shamanistic Psychology
  • Students may select from a variety of course modules to complete the 60 credits required for the PG Certificate.
  • To gain their 60 credits students can also undertake a module, focusing on a ‘Work-based Project ’. The project can be interpreted broadly to include projects in the area of consciousness studies, personal development and/or transpersonal psychology as appropriate for each individual.

PG Certificate Programme Questions

  • How will a certificate assist me?

Completion of a post-graduate certificate programme provides documentation of specific, formal study; career-oriented post-graduate training to supplement a college or university degree; increased skills and knowledge in your job or professional field which may contribute to advancement or new career opportunities. Certificate programs not only provide an opportunity to examine a new field, but they also provide an opportunity for graduate-level focused study in areas directly related to your personal or professional goals.

  • I have a bachelor’s degree and am employed. Would a certificate program benefit me?

Yes, certificate programs offer concentrated study in areas directly applicable to many career paths and can add breadth and depth to your existing knowledge and skills. By applying these new skills at your workplace, or in your profession,  you may also discover new opportunities for career advancement.

  • What does online study involve?

A tutor who is eminent in the field of transpersonal psychology teaches each topic of study

utilizing a variety of online learning, collaboration and social-media technologies:

    • You will have access to past and leading-edge academic literature, journal articles and research from a broad range of areas in transpersonal psychology and consciousness studies
    • Pre-recorded audio/visual presentations and lectures
    • Live webinars in which the tutor engages with all students in real time
    • Skype and/or Google Hangouts for individual student/tutor discussions
    • Forums and social-media  in which tutors engage with students through written posts
    • Email exchanges from tutors and E-moderators where appropriate
    • Independent study of related topics
    • Group studies and projects with fellow students
    • Personal practices in creative expression, academic topics, professional and self-development
    • Submission of formal assignments, papers, projects and research
  • Will I have contact with other students? 

Absolutely. All students regardless of programme, become an integral part of our online learning community. You will have access to all of our community and learning sites where you can interact, mingle and exchange ideas with students and tutors, both within your own programme of study and where possible, students and tutors from other courses and programmes. ITA Professional also has a presence on many major social media platforms including Facebook. Google+. Twitter. YouTube and LinkedIn where you can engage with fellow students, tutors, alumni and others from the global transpersonal community. You also have the option to attend our Residential Programme & Retreat which happens once a year and is open to our entire learning community, giving you the opportunity to connect and engage with fellow students and some of our tutors in person.

  • What happens after I am accepted into the programme?
    • You will receive a Student Handbook that clarifies all details of the online facilities and student communities available in the programme.
    • You will receive login details for the Learning Management System. other relevant websites together with Student Guides providing full instructions on their use.
    • All students are also expected to complete and sign, a Learning Agreement which specifies the areas you wish to study, anticipated duration of study as well as all relevant programme fees.
    • You will be invited to an online orientation webinar with fellow students and the Programme Director.
    • Before each course begins you will be provided with a Course Outline which will list the reading materials, recorded lectures, other resources, time-lines, assignments and any group projects or community activities required as part of the course.

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