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Application for a Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) Reduced Pollution Certificate

what is a reduced pollution certificate

To tackle the problem of traffic pollution, which damages the environment and health, the government introduced vehicle tax incentives for drivers of larger vehicles and buses. Drivers can tax their vehicles in one of the reduced pollution taxation classes when they produce a valid Reduced Pollution Certificate (RPC).


This form is for the use of operators of:

  • goods vehicles over 3,500 kgs revenue weight, used in connection with a trade or business including vehicles for exceptional loads and haulage vehicles (not showmans)
  • buses that is, PSV buses; not those used for voluntary, community or other non profit making purposes.

Your vehicle must be adapted by an approved method to achieve a higher emission standard than that required by EU Directive. Complete and return the application form to the address stated.

Changes from April 2014

From 1 April 2014 all operators of heavy goods vehicles weighing 12 tonnes or more gross weight will need to pay a road user levy

to use UK roads when they licence for the first time or when renewing their vehicle tax. If the vehicle has a valid Reduced Pollution Certificate (RPC), a reduction will be applied.

However there are some vehicles that will be unable to claim the RPC VED concession as DVA will no longer issue a RPC after this date. These are Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV’s) with a Gross Vehicle Weight of 12,000 kg and over, been manufactured or modified to Euro II or III standards. The remaining vehicles at the same Euro emission standards will lose their VED concession from 1 April 2016.

The RPC (regardless of when the vehicle is tested) will have an expiry date of the end of February 2015 which will prevent the tax concession for these vehicles after that date.

In accordance to existing procedures, all other vehicles which are eligible for the VED concession via the RPC scheme will continue to be given expiry dates relative to the month they are actually tested.

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