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What is a reseller certificate

what is a reseller certificate

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Major Certificate Authorities ('OEM' SSL Providers) will operate partner programs directly. Disclosure, I'm with one of them - GlobalSign.

GlobaSign has thousands of worldwide partners and we've found the following factors are typically considered when resellers are evaluating potential CA partner:

  1. Margins. you want to resell to make money, so you need to ensure you can buy Certificates at a rate that gives you good margins. The lower the SRP from the CA directly, the harder it is to make margin.
  2. Reputation. SSL is security, and security requires credibility, and you want to ensure you partner with a CA that has been around for a while and has a credible name in the industry.
  3. Integration & APIs. it's likely that you will benefit from some kind of integration to automate your reselling workflow depending on how you run your business, such as a developer API or direct integration into cPanel, Plesk, WHMCS, NGINX, DirectAdmin etc.

  • Know-how. the SSL industry is evolving at pace, choose a partner that keeps you up to date on industry changes and more importantly has representation in the many bodies that devise policy and help promote SSL best practices such as the Online Trust Alliance, Trustworthy Internet Movement, CA Browser Forum etc.
  • Flexible business terms. whether you opt for pay as you go, or unlimited issuance deals, ensure the CA is there to work with you as your reseller business grows.
  • Sales & Marketing assistance. positioning SSL can be daunting thanks to all the FUD out there. Work with a CA that is transparent and offers serious sales and marketing assistance to get your messaging right.
  • Local support. if you are reselling worldwide you'll probably want vetting and support services being performed in local languages and within local timezones.

    Good luck with your evaluation.

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