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What is a SAN Certificate?

what is a san certificate

by Chris Kemmerer | Jul 23, 2015 |

A Subject Alternate Name (or SAN ) certificate is a digital security certificate which allows multiple hostnames to be protected by a single certificate.

A SAN certificate may also be called a Unified Communication Certificate  (or UCC ),a multi-domain certificates or an Exchange certificate .

All SAN certificates:

  • CAN secure up to 2000 entries. (The first 3 non-wildcard are free, with an additional charge per entry after that.)
  • CAN  be used on unlimited multiple servers concurrently.
  • CAN  be reissued to change domains

    at any time without extra fees or costs.

  • CAN  be used on unlimited IP addresses with multiple, concurrent private keys (which is great for hosting and virtual hosts).

The entries in any SAN certificate:

  • CAN be a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).
  • CAN be a “common name” (a single-worded server name) but the certificate will not be effective past November 2015  per CA/B Forum guidelines.
  • CAN  be a wildcard domain name (i.e. * or * ) but NOT  a multiple-level wildcard (like *.* ).

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