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Health insurance which covers maternity

health insurance which covers maternity

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What are some Individual Health Insurance companies that cover maternity?

Jun 28, 2012 1:17 AM

So, my hubby is quitting his job in January to pursue his doctorate full time which means bye bye insurance. I own my own business and we've decided that we can make it without his salary. I've been looking at insurance companies that offer individual and/or small business plans (like. 2 employees) for several days now and am getting googly eyed. Does anyone have any recommendations for health insurance companies/plans that also cover maternity (I've found that this is harder to find than I thought)? We have 2 kids but would possibly like 5. so this is pretty important to us. We live in Oklahoma and so far it seems like the only real choice is blue cross blue shields. and I hate to only have one choice in case we apply and they reject us.

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