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what is a tcleose certification

What kind of job can I get with a Basic Peace Officer license?

Municipal Officers

  • Police officer
  • City Marshall
  • Municipal Park Police
  • Airport Police
  • Arson Investigators
County Officers
  • Sherriff
  • Deputy Sherriff
  • Constable
  • Deputy Constable
  • Arson Investigator County Fire Marshall
  • Investigator's of the County Attorney's Office
  • County Park Ranger
District Officers
  • Investigator's of the District Attorney's Office
  • Arson Investigators
State Officers
  • Texas Department of Public Safety
    • Texas Ranger
    • Highway Patrol
    • Special Rangers
    • Capitol Police
  • Alcoholic Beverage Commission Agents
  • Parks and Wildlife
    • Game Wardens
    • Park Rangers
  • Arson Investigators
    • State Fire Marshall
  • Medical Board Investigator
  • Racing Commission Officer
  • Pharmacy Officer
  • Attorney General Investigators
  • Lottery Investigators and Security Officers
  • Texas Department of Health Peace Officers
  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice (Institutional Division) Internal Affairs Investigator
  • Texas Youth Commission Apprehension Specialists
State Officers Cont.
  • Texas Department of Insurance Insurance Investigators
  • Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Investigator
  • TCLEOSE Investigators
  • Board of Private Investigators and

Private Security Agencies Investigator Educational Institution Officers

  • Campus Police officer
    • School District Police
    • Campus Peace Officers
    • Security Officers
    • Security Officer for Medical Corporations
  • Forest Service Officer
Water Control and Improvement Districts
  • Water District Police
  • Port Authority Officer
Hospital District
  • Hospital Police
Transit Authorities
  • Transit Authority Officer
    • Metropolitan Rapid Transit Authority
    • Regional Transportation Authority
Court Officers
  • Appellate Court Peace Officer
    • Supreme Court
    • Court of Criminal Appeals
    • Each Court of Appeals
  • Bailiffs
    • Certain Courts
  • Witness Coordinator
Reserve Law Enforcement Officers
  • Municipal Reserves
  • Sheriff's Reserves
  • Constable's Reserves
  • Water District Reserves

This list is provided as information only. Questions concerning the power and authority of these officers should be directed to Legal Counsel such as the Local County and/or District Attorney. Questions regarding the hiring requirements for any of these agencies should be directed to the agency themselves

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