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What is a wildcard certificate

what is a wildcard certificate

Security is one the most important things to consider, especially when dealing with businesses online. There are lots of scams and bad intentions that now take place online. For people who have two or more sub-domains, they must strive to have wild card certificate. It is one of the cheapest and most famous secure certificates that are known for its advantages but one must have sufficient knowledge on how to handle it properly in order for you to reap all of its benefits.

There are different types of SSL or secure socket layer certificates available which you can choose from. The secure certificates types are company validated certificates, shared certificates, domain validated certificates, multi-domain certificates and wildcard certificates. All of these types are deliberately created for security purposes. However, they differ in terms of their functions.

One of the best and the cheapest among those types is the wildcard certificate. It is well-known because of its great advantages when it comes to security aside from it less expensive price.

What is wildcard certificate? The wildcard SSL is another type of secure certificates that helps to enable the SSL encryption on your several sub domains with the use of one certificate, unless the domains are still in control by the similar organization and they are sharing same domain second-level name. Like, for example, a wildcard certificate released to SSL Company using the same name like “” will be used to keep it secure with the following possible domains such as “”, “” or “” and more. A wildcard notification consists of asterisk then a period before the chosen domain name. These

are wildcards to broaden the SSL encryption to its sub domains. In case of as example, the * will also secure its other sub domains such as “” and more.

Benefits of Wildcard certificate

One of its great advantages is that it is less expensive compared to other types. There are companies such as which is always available to provide wildcard SSL at the best deals.

Wildcard certificate is easy to manage. Some types of SSL certificates and managed PKI interface require intimidating task compared to wildcard SSL that works faster and more convenient.

The best benefit with using this type is because of its maximum security. You are rest assured that you don’t have to worry if you have more sub domains because wildcard SSL will do it for you.

How do you install wildcard certificate? There are lots of companies offering this kind of services but you have to be careful and choose only the most reputable one. One of the best providers is . They provide free days of trial to see the result of how effective it is. They also provide warranty that defends the end user if their SSL certificates are incorrectly issued. It is one of the reputable companies you can rely on when it comes to security. They believe that electronic way of security should be made easier and more convenient for others without compromising the integrity of your business.

If you still worry about your protection, you can have the cheapest but powerful certificates at your maximum security you desire with the help of

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