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Here is a four minute video outlining what we do.

ABC’s industry Stamp of Trust underpins the way advertising is traded across the converging media landscape in the UK and beyond. When you see the ABC logo you know that you are looking at claims you can trust.

We have two roles:

  • We bring the industry together to agree measurement and process Reporting Standards that define what counts and determine best practice. Reporting Standards are constantly evolving to keep pace with industry developments.
  • We offer independent audit and compliance services, delivering certification which verifies that data and processes meet industry Reporting Standards.

Common standards deliver meaningful comparisons

Common standards for both measurement and good practice throughout the industry are the basis for effective decision making. Standards decide what counts; they set the benchmark and enable meaningful comparisons and conclusions to be drawn. Whether you use print, online or operate across multiple platforms, we can deliver certification that your data and practices meet industry standards in a way that reflects your market proposition.

Measuring reach, engagement and loyalty

Our team

of experts verify data across a wide range of media channels including print, online and events and look to include new platforms as they emerge. To us measuring reach is all about taking a census-based approach which means counting every interaction rather than using a survey sample. This allows us to provide granular detail across channels to showcase performance and support the media buying process which is all the more important in our increasingly fragmented world.

Verifying digital advertising trading processes

We work closely with JICWEBS to deliver certification for a wide variety of digital process. An ABC certificate demonstrates that processes meet industry Standards including those for online ad trading. This delivers confidence in trading practice and helps to protect the reputation of owners, advertisers and the intermediate parties who trade.

Accrediting service providers

ABC Associate status confirms suppliers are capable of facilitating print and digital trading to industry Reporting Standards. Our Associate scheme is designed to raise standards across the industry.

We also deliver consultancy, advice and training services. Please contact us at to discuss how you would benefit from our expertise.

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