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What is AFAA's Personal Trainer Certification?

A three-day certification workshop including lectures, practical demonstrations and both written and practical exams, AFAA's Personal Trainer Certification is also available in an online version. Either version of the workshop is perfect to equip those seeking to become Personal Trainers with the competencies needed to design safe and effective exercise programming for the apparently healthy population. Facilitated onsite by an experienced and degreed fitness professional (BA/BS; MA/MS or PhD) or online through a series of 14 video lectures, the workshop will review and provide practical instruction in the following areas prior to the administration of the written and practical exams (both exams are included in the $499 workshop registration fee).

  • Anatomy and kinesiology
  • Fitness assessment testing procedures (3-minute Step test, sit-and-reach, push-up, abdominal crunch, body composition screening with skin-fold caliper measurement)
  • Nutrition fundamentals and weight management
  • Special populations and medical considerations
  • Listening, leadership and motivational skills
  • Exercise programming in the weight room
  • Wellness programming and screening guidelines


For the aspiring and experienced fitness professional working one-on-one with exercise clients.

  • Early registration and pre-study is required.
  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Weightroom/weight training experience is strongly recommended.
  • CPR/AED certification is required before Personal Trainer certification is issued. Online or home study CPR/AED courses are not accepted.


The Personal Trainer workshop fee is $499† (less a 10% discount for current AFAA members). This fee includes:

  • 3-Day Certification Review and Practicum Workshop
  • Personal Trainer Certification Study Guide (shipping not included)
  • Written and Practical Certification


  • One-year AFAA membership ($68 value) or membership extension to current members and a print or digital subscription to American Fitness® magazine (does not include postage to addresses outside the U.S.)
  • 14 video lectures streaming online
  • Personal Trainer Certification study guide
  • Sample multiple-choice questions
  • Video lecture review clips
  • Personal access to AFAA instructors through Multitraining Live™
  • Independently monitored and authenticated written and practical examinations
  • One-year AFAA membership ($68 value) or membership extension to current members and a subscription to American Fitness® magazine (print or digital version), does not include postage to addresses outside the U.S.
  • AFAA Certified Personal Trainer certificate and I.D. card (upon successful completion of both written and practical examinations) CPR/AED certification required before certificate is issued.

AFAA certified professionals who wish to register only for CEU credit pay a workshop fee of $255, and receive 15 CEUs.

†Fee does not include the recommended Personal Fitness Training: Theory and Practice textbook ($69 plus shipping), or the Practice Test for Personal Trainer Certification ($20).

As the world's largest fitness and TeleFitness® educator, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) has issued more than 350,000 certifications to fitness professionals from 73 countries around the world since 1983. Each year more than 3,000 workshops are hosted by health clubs and studios across the nation.

AFAA's certifications and workshops are recognized throughout the world in many languages. To inquire about hosting or attending a workshop outside of the United States, please contact our international programming department. Call toll free from the U.K. (0-800-89-50-56); Canada and Mexico (1-800-225-2322); all other intercontinental callers, please dial (1-818-905-0040), or fax us at (1-818-990-5468).

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