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Become Certified by the American Institute of Stress

Certification is open to healthcare professionals, clinics, hospitals, institutes of higher learning, corporations and *products that demonstrate clear evidence of diligence and commitment in upholding the tenants of the AIS.  Awarding of the AIS Seal, reflects your commitment to making truly significant strides toward providing individuals with stress reduction tools, training and techniques and a reduced stress environment in your workplace and/or that you have developed a *product that reduces stress levels and improves the health and quality of life for consumers.  Our goal is to encourage corporations, consumer product manufacturers and individuals to adopt and incorporate more stress management techniques and science into daily life, the workplace and *products. As time goes on and advances in stress management become routine, we will re-evaluate our criteria and threshold to be even more demanding. We expect that advances in mainstream Stress Awareness efforts and education will ultimately be the end result, and that’s great news for all.

*Products- products and product categories are defined in the Certification Guidelines detailed below .

Step 1

To begin the certification process you must first submit a “ Proposal for Certification ”.  The proposal should be no longer than two pages describing your company/organization and or product, outlining some of the evidence that backs up your claims.  Be sure to include a brief company history, any associated websites, list of publications and a short list of abstracts if available. Submitt your Proposal for Certification to

Step 2

The AIS Certification Committee (ACC) will review all documentation submitted via the proposal.  Great care is taken in considering your Proposal for Certification.   You will only be invited to apply for the AIS Seal of Certification if we feel that your corporation/organization or product is a good certification candidate .

1. If the proposal

is approved –We will invite you to formally apply by sending you the Certification Application and payment instuctions based on our fee schedule. At this time, we will also request product samples (if applicable) for evaluation.

Certification Fee Schedule

Our fee for reviewing applicants for the awarding of the AIS Seal of Certification has been set according to company size, as evaluated in the initial proposal for certification.

# of employees                                 Certification Fee

1-5                                                          $7,000

5-15                                                       $10,000

15-30                                                     $15,000

30-100                                                   $20,000

100-500                                                $25,000

500-1,000                                             $50,000

1,000-5,000                                         To be determined by your initial proposal

5,000-10,000                                       To be determined by your initial proposal

10,000 or more                                   To be determined by your initial proposal

To have AIS consult with your Corporation/Organization to facilitate the implementation of a pre-certified AIS stress management program in its entirety or in part, we will schedule a series of meetings to assess the parameters and goals before providing a quote for our services. 

2.If the proposal is denied –We will communicate the reason(s) for denial and offer suggestions to strengthen your proposal.

  Step 3

Once we have received your completed certification application and any required samples, the ACC Coordinator will contact the applicant to schedule a site visit.  The site visit is not necessary in all cases, and the need for one will be determined by the initial Proposal.  Site visits are utilized to evaluate the physical premises and interview any associated persons as to the accessibility and training that meets AIS standards. The ACC will evaluate your application packet and samples. The ACC’s decision will be communicated to you via the contact email that you provide in your application.  If your application for AIS Certification is denied, the ACC will communicate the reason for their decision and suggestions to improve your sumbission, so that you may apply again.

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