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what is all risk property insurance

All-Risk Property Coverage:

Simple. Streamlined. Responsive.

The FM Global Advantage is an all-risk policy form designed to provide comprehensive and consistent global insurance coverage, backed by large, stable capacity and tailored to your business needs.

Complete Protection

FM Global Advantage’s simple manuscript format includes common extensions of coverage (previously added through standard endorsements) and is designed to be flexible enough so that a single policy can provide all the coverage your business requires.

Built-in features, such as alternatives to scheduling of locations, standard replacement valuations, and a streamlined process to broaden coverage limits, help reduce the number of changes required during the policy term. Expanded capacity in the form of higher limits, as well as fewer sub-limits and exclusions, makes the FM Global Advantage more responsive to your needs.

Through our unparalleled flexibility,

you can further customize the FM Global Advantage with a variety of coverage options, including:

  • Accounts receivable
  • Extended period of liability
  • Automatic coverage
  • Extra expense
  • Miscellaneous personal property
  • Off-premises storage for property under construction
  • Business interruption from civil authority
  • Fine arts
  • Flood
  • Contaminant cleanup
  • Ingress/egress
  • Contingent time element extended
  • Service interruption
  • Earth movement
  • Leasehold interest
  • Rental insurance
  • Professional fees
  • Transportation
  • Valuable papers
  • Data, programs or software

Supporting Mid-Size Companies

Mid-size companies seeking reliable all-risk protection can turn to Affiliated FM. Like the FM Global Advantage, the Affiliated FM proVision policy form offers a broad range of extensions and a streamlined, easy-to-navigate format backed by the same capacity and proactive approach to loss prevention.

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