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What is an auto insurance binder

what is an auto insurance binder

Joe’s RV Rentals, Inc. requires that the renter secure an Insurance Binder / Endorsement from his or her own auto insurance company or purchase RV Rental Insurance through our provider.

Secure A Binder / Endorsement From Your Auto Insurance Company

If you plan to secure an Insurance Binder / Endorsement from your auto insurance company, simply call or email our office and we will send/fax you a form to give to your insurance company. Once they have received the form, they can fax the certificate of insurance to us. We will need to be added to your policy as a "Loss Payee"

and "Additional Insured". Please note that your insurance must be full coverage to include comprehensive, collision and liability. The limits of liability shall be at least the minimum limits required by any applicable compulsory or financial responsibility law. Any deductibles shall not exceed $500.00.

Purchase RV Rental Insurance Through Our Provider

You can also purchase SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance) for an additional $9.95 per day. This increases your coverage to $1,000,000 combined single limit. While SLI is not required, it is highly recommended as an additional layer of protection for the renter. You can find additional information about SLI by visiting RV SLI Online.

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