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What is an epa certification

what is an epa certification

General Questions

  1. What is the Phone Number for the EPA Ozone Protection Hotline?

The EPA Ozone Protection Hotline toll-free number is (800) 296-1996

  • What type of A/C systems am I certified to work on with each type of certification?

    EPA Section 608 HVAC Type I certification certifies you to work on unitary small appliances containing five pounds or less of refrigerant. 608 HVAC Type II certification certifies you to work on high-pressure and very high-pressure appliance which includes split systems and all other non-automotive systems not covered under the category of unitary small appliance or low-pressure appliance. 608 HVAC Type III certification certifies you to work on low-pressure appliances, such as chillers. 609 MVAC certification is required to work on Motor Vehicle A/C units.

  • Is EPA Certification valid in countries other than the United States?

    No, it is not. The EPA is an U.S. agency and therefore is only valid in the U.S.

  • What type of Certification do I need to purchase refrigerants?

    If you get a 608 certification (Type I, Type II, Type II, or Universal), you can by any refrigerant sold in an HVAC/R store in containers of 20 pounds or more. If you get 609 certification you can buy any refrigerant sold in an automotive supply house in any size container, however these stores typically only sell R-12, R-134a and replacement blends for R-12.

  • Can HFC refrigerant be released into the air, or does it have to captured? Also, does the technician handling the refrigerant have to be licensed?

    You must recover the refrigerant, and the technician has to be certified by EPA.

  • I saw the two acronyms PVE and PAG in a January 2008 RSES article written by Mainstream but I'm not sure what they are in reference to.

    Both of these are acronyms for HFC refrigerant lubricants. PVE stands for "Polyvinyl ether" while PAG stands for "Polyalkylene Glycol." Most HFC refrigeration systems use Polyolester (POE) oil which is why the acronyms for the other two oils are not as widely well known.

  • Online Testing & Grading Questions

    1. Why does my certification status say "PASSED" and not "CERTIFIED" after I passed the R-410A, PM Tech, or IAQ Certification?

    Those certifications require you to show proof of EPA 608 Certification. Your exam status is "PASSED" because our system could not find record of your 608 certification. You may either fax a legible photocopy of your certification to Mainstream at (321) 631-3552 or if you are not yet 608 certified, successfully pass our Section 608 Type I, II, or III certification exam and your

    status will automatically show "CERTIFIED".

  • How secure is my Credit Card over the Internet?

    When you connect to the EPA Test site, you will notice that your browser will indicate that it's talking with a secure server (note the locked key or lock on your browser). Our Web Server uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, a security protocol that provides privacy over the Internet. The protocol allows client/server applications to communicate in a way that cannot be eavesdropped. Our server site is registered with a Certificate Authority (CA), in this case VeriSign. so that you know who you are connecting to. Once we get your credit card information, it is validated through VeriSign. VeriSign encrypts your card information using highly secure 128-bit public key encryption technology. Mainstream Engineering Corporation is utilizing these widely available technologies to guarantee the privacy of your information. If you still have questions or concerns, please e-mail us at .

  • I don't have a credit card. Is there any way to take the exam on-line and pay by check?

    Yes. If you would like to pay with a personal check or money order, proceed as though you are going to take a test online now but when you get to the payment options screen select pay by check or money order and follow the directions your are given.

  • I got partially through the exam process, and I lost my connection. What can I do? Will I be charged again? Are all of my answers lost?

    Simply log in to your personal certification account and you will be able to reconnect to your exam in progress. Your card will not be charged again and any previously answered questions will not be lost.

  • What does an exam look like?

    Here is an sample question from the 609 exam: The technician must do the following when retrofitting a Motor Vehicle A/C system with a new refrigerant:

    A) Use only DOE approved refrigerants

    B) Change only the low side service connection

    C) Relabel the system to indicate the new refrigerant being used in the system

    D) None of the above

  • I lost (or forgot to print out) my certification number. How can I get my certification number again?

    Log into your personal certification account by clicking here. You can reprint temporary certification cards, take additional certification tests, view your exam history, or order certification supplies.

  • This site is maintained by Mainstream Engineering Corporation and is not associated with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). EPA maintains its own web site that includes information about both section 608 and section 609 certification.

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