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What is an imo insurance

what is an imo insurance

the new …Agency Builder System, Inc.;

BETTER than an IMO

Definition: An IMO independent marketing organization (IMO) - A non-company affiliated organization that contracts with an insurance company to perform distribution and other marketing functions for one or more of the company’s products or product lines.

An IMO earns a much higher commission than an agent could ever contract for because they have agreed to build a large distribution system. They are in a sense the insurance Company’s recruiter for independent agents. An IMO has an enormous expense outlay for administrative staff and advertisement. This is an expensive organization to run. They are constantly working to attract new

Agents and retain the ones they have.

An IMO has a difficult time keeping agents and managers loyal to their agency because they only offer what the competition offers and the variation is commission and service. Typically an IMO commission hierarchy is something like this: IMO 140%, Manager General Agent 120%, General Agent 100% and Agents 50% to 95%. Working down line in an IMO, the agents have no equity in the agency they join. The MGA and GA can make overrides, but have a very difficult time keeping agents. The agents do not make an override on other agents.

There are no benefits for the agents other than their personal sales which

are sometime at a low commission, or whatever they are able to negotiate.

AGENCY BUILDER SYSTEM, INC. makes a BIG difference!

the new … “ AGENCY BUILDER SYSTEM, INC. ” was designed to allow agents to share in the growth of ABS, Inc. It’s getting harder to make it by yourself in our business. Regulations, internet sales, companies marketing directly to

the public and banks have all take a bunch of commission out of the agent’s pocket. Add to that these economic times we are going through and it hard to make it on your own.

We have solved the problem…now you can have an income like some of the big IMOs with


ABS will pay you extra commission over the GA level if you will make sales consistently and recruit. Your cost, write business consistently and recruit. You share some of your extra commission on your business with other agents to build a very lucrative override

system funded entirely by ABS. If anyone in your down line makes a sale, you earn an override commission.

You can recruit 1 agent and get started. If that one agent recruits 10 agents you make an override off of their sales and the ones they recruit, the ones they recruit and the ones they recruit. That’s five levels of override (OR) commission! WOW!

Everyone starts at the GA Commission Level plus 5% to 20% Bonus Commission plus Overrides.

Example: With one company ….Your GA commission is 100% on a term product. ABS contributes an additional 30% for your Bonus and Overrides. As the writing agent you would earn a 15% bonus and the other 15% would go into the override account.

Using the product above the chart below illustrates the monthly commission you

would earn if you recruited only 5 agents and the other agents in your down line all recruited 3 agents and all made 2 sales for $2000 commission. Every agent you recruit has the same commission, bonus and overrides that you have.

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