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Welcome to the A.S.E.P Coaching Certification Page

Welcome to the A.S.E.P. Coaching Certification page, I hope all the information you are looking for about the A.S.E.P. program is available here for you. If you would like to receive the actual registration form give me a call at (847)635-8437. However, all the information provided in the hard copy can be found in between the two lines below.

Facing a shortage of teacher coaches, the Illinois High School Association passed legislation in 1990, permitting non-teachers to coach if they passed an approved coaching training program. Mike Small has been a certified American Sports Education Program instructor for over a decade and offers the

A.S.E.P. clinics at various locations throughout the year. Mike has certified more coaches than any other instructor in the nation. He was recognized by the National Federation of State High Schools as the top Coaching Education Instructor in the Nation (Pat McSwegin Award 2003).

Any person intending to coach at a high school, as an ASEP-trained non-faculty coach MUST have successfully completed the ASEP, (11 hour training seminar Sports Science/First Aid) Leader Level Program. This is madatory by the Illinois High School Association and Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association. The Indiana High School Athletic Association only requires the Sports Science course.

Each Participant will be provided with the following:

Bronze Level Requirements

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