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Law Link's range of ATE insurance covers personal injury, financial irregularity and commercial litigation. Benefits include fully deferred premiums and an attractive commission structure.



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ATE Insurance Introduction:

After The Event insurance otherwise known as ATE or ATE Insurance is essential for solicitors who run cases on a Conditional Fee Agreements with their clients. ATE Insurance provides cover If a case is lost as the policy will normally repay the other side’s costs and disbursements together with the claimant solicitor’s disbursements. The ATE Insurance policy also usually insures its own premium, meaning the client usually has nothing to pay if their case is lost.

A number of solicitor firms have been running cases on the basis of an informal agreement with their client that if they lose, the solicitor will indemnify the client for all their liabilities. In the case of Dix v Townend. the judge ruled that this agreement constituted providing insurance without a licence. Even though the claimant’s solicitor won their case, the judge disallowed their entire costs for this reason meaning the solicitor was out

of pocket to the tune of a six figure sum.

Law Link also enjoys a thriving bespoke ATE Insurance product for the more complex Personal Injury cases including RTA, Employer, Public and occupier liability cases as well as medical and clinical negligence as well as Industrial disease cases. We also insure commercial cases and have a successful ATE insurance book and retains agencies with most of the main underwriters in this field.

We offer a professional broking service to solicitors who are looking for commercial or Bespoke ATE Insurance solutions. Because of our experience in the market, we are able to save the solicitor time and money by assessing a case and placing it with an appropriate underwriter straight away. This also means we are able to speak directly to the correct people with any queries and to ensure a prompt response is received when required. There is also no need for the solicitor to set up an agency with the insurer as would be the case with a direct relationship. There is no cost to the solicitor for our service and the level of premium is the same as it would be on a direct basis.

Download our Bespoke/One off ATE Insurance proposal form for PI Cases

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