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Everyone asks the same question "What is the average car insurance rate or premium cost in my state?" while buying a car insurance policy online. Ultimately you will need to use the average car insurance quote feature off to the right, because your car insurance is influenced greatly by your zip code. Where you live and other factors such as how much car insurance coverage you need determines the premium that you pay.

  • Years of Driving Experience
  • Miles Driven Per Year
  • Distance to Work
  • Business Use of the Vehicle

According to the results of an online study, the average car insurance rates in 2008 rose and are expected to rise again in 2009. At the low end of the car insurance rate scale, the average car insurance premium rose 1% over the first quarter of the year. The average car insurance cost was $1,830 per year. Back in 2007, average car insurance rates held stable or decreased during the year. The rate that drivers pay for their car insurance varies by state, insurance company and policy limits. In some parts of the United States, the average increase was quite sharp. For example, the cost of getting insurance coverage in Florida increased an average of 6.7% in the first quarter of 2008. Ohio drivers also had to dig deeper to pay for car insurance coverage; in that state, the average cost to insure a vehicle went up 4.7 %.

Car insurance companies estimate general averages for pricing purposes, based on a

number of data points that include your age, gender, group affiliation, driving history, model of car etc. These factors are studied by the car insurance companies to determine the risk and car insurance cost of insuring individuals, and forecast the cost of paying for accident claims. On average, it costs more to insure males under the age of 25, because recent history shows more accident insurance claims in this category. On average, car insurance company data show that those who are married and older are more responsible with their car and less of an insurance risk. On average, if you live in the city and drive to and from work, using your vehicle more often in congested areas, there is a greater chance that you will get into a car accident. On average, if you drive a two door sports car as opposed to a family car, it's likely that you will be seen as a higher risk for an accident.

The above mentioned factors can really increase or decrease the rates or premiums that you will have to pay for car insurance. However, each company rates and weighs these factors differently in terms of your cost. Most drivers who use our free car insurance quote form find that they are paying too much. Look around at our average car insurance statistics for your city and state, and get your free car insurance quotes online. Compare quotes and get the best price and best car insurance coverage individualized for your needs.

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